Hi there! My name's Steve and I'm  a photographer based in Robin Hoods Bay North Yorkshire .

Photography was always an interest of mine and I take pride in being self taught in my trade.

9 years ago, I was able to move to Robin Hood’s Bay and due to its astonishing surroundings and my young son being born I was motivated to buy my first DSLR camera.

This started my creative journey in taking portraits of family members and scenic pictures of the bay .

I am living my dream combining my hobbies of photography and art.

Being given the gift of living in this beautiful area of the North Yorkshire Coast and having a spectacular walk to my other job at Boggle Hole every day inspires me to record these images and different to the norm photographs and prints.

My day to day life in Robin Hood’s Bay floods my creative mind with ideas and enables me to see photos around every corner.

I feel blessed to show this area as it is in a magical and beautiful way.

All the best, Steve.

About Sam

Hi! I'm Sam, Steve's son!

I've got loads of hobbies. In fact, there's so many that I can't remember some of them!

I'll list a few here:

Coding, photography, art, school and of course spending time with my dad!

It's getting late now, so I'll end it here! Bye!


When we met Steve we asked that he could make the day fairly informal and relaxed for us with natural photos.
On the day, he met our expectations and more.
Steve was able to take some fantastic pictures in a totally non-intrusive way, he had such a friendly and calm approach, he made us and our guests feel very at ease .
After the event, his amazing service continued.
He is an awesome and passionate photographer who we cannot recommend enough.
Thank you, Steve, for all your hard work!


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