When It All Came Together

The day finally arrived after a year or so of planning many emails & a well planned list their big day arrived .

I joined the bridal party from early doors getting all the getting ready shots with both bride & groom & the boys

The conversation was amazing and as usual it was a pleasure to share the big day with the couple all putting me at ease with their willingness to have photographs taken whatever their given tasks were at the time .

The ceremony went smoothly although getting used to sharing the tight space with a videographer for only the second time in my career was a bit of a challenge.

The day went absolutely smoothly and thanx to the happy couple, family & friends being willing I got the shots I wanted .

We eventually managed to walk down the bay and to a favourite spot of mine getting a few intimate shots coupled with tying them in to the location.

Eventually ending up back at the hotel for the first dance shots & my night completed