About me

Hi! My name's Samuel Husband and I'm Steve's son, I do photography like my dad and at the time of typing this I'm 9 years old. Recently my dad gave me a Nikon DX camera as a gift and he encouraged me take photos of this beautiful and lovely village that I'm lucky to live in. Sadly, my Nikon DX was outdated and began to decline un quality. Luckily, my dad gave me a Sony A6300.

My first photo walk.

For this photo, my dad took me to the beach. I went into Lightroom and lowered the exposure. I later added a light using the Photoshop pen tool.

The Tree

The Tree: 2

A Sunny Day on Kashyyyk

An upgrade from The Death Star:

An upgrade from The Death Star: 2

I found this when I was hoping to find some old photos I hadn't yet put on this page. I'm hoping to release an edited version soon.

'Am I late to this wonderful Sith meeting? If so, blame the slow scooter.'

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